You don’t have to have a career objective to take advantage of the Big Bear Yoga teacher training course. Sure, it’s for those who want to teach yoga, but this is also for those who have the desire to deepen their yoga practice and knowledge, or learn about the yogic lifestyle.

“This course helps students of yoga to dive deeper into the study of yoga — the physical postures, pranayama (breath) and also the yamas and niyamas ethical rules of yoga,” says Annalisa Berns, owner of Big Bear Yoga. “There are eight limbs of yoga, and we learn all of them.”

Yoga has been widely accepted as a great way to become and stay fit. “Yoga helps us increase flexibility and strength,” Berns says. “This is especially important for injury prevention and to help recover after injury or overuse. Yoga benefits the mind and our emotional well-being. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga isn’t just stretching! We also learn different breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga is about bringing the mind, body and breath together.”

Big Bear Yoga teacher training guides students in expanding knowledge and practice of yoga, provides students with the basics, teaches how to teach yoga, and shows students how to be a good yoga teacher.

“Many of our students want to deepen their practice of yoga, not teach yoga,” Berns says. “They are welcome to take this training, too.”

The Big Bear Yoga teacher training provides students with the knowledge needed to teach Hatha Yoga. With the completion of the course, students will be certified by Big Bear Yoga. The teacher training course is a special offering that includes group classes, assistant teaching, observation, phone and online classes. Self-study, volunteering and homework are all part of the course requirements.

The flexibility of the Big Bear yoga teacher training course allows students to learn the fundamentals as well as dive into parts of the practice that interests each student. Students must have computer access with Internet, Google account, online video accessibility in addition to attending classes in person. An application is required.

A few of the categories covered in the Big Bear Yoga teacher training course include introduction to yoga, philosophy, lifestyle and ethics, introduction to teaching methodology, training and practice, and introduction to anatomy and physiology. Schedules can be adjusted to accommodate work, family commitments and time off. Balance and self-care are key, so the program is designed to include that priority.

The entire training course lasts about 200 hours. The course is distance-learning friendly for students who don’t live in Big Bear full-time.

All abilities are welcome including senior yoga, chair yoga, children’s yoga, veteran focused yoga, yoga for underserved populations. Those with limited mobility, injury recovery and special needs are welcome.

“Some people like the structure of a training program to keep them on track and help them achieve a goal with their yoga study and practice,” Berns says.

Cost of the Big Bear Yoga teacher training is $2,200, or about $11 per credit hour. Payment plans, work study and scholarships are available. Application is required. For more information, call 909-584-5270, email or visit

In 2020, Big Bear Yoga celebrates its ninth anniversary by offering yoga and wellness classes in Big Bear, and a space for the community. Big Bear Yoga is at 421 W. Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear City.

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