What better fit for the natural environment of Big Bear than an all-natural ice cream shop? Tim Wolcott opened Ben & Jerry’s in May 2018 to provide the Big Bear community with access to all-natural options in sweet treats.

 “I could never take my kids to an ice cream shop with natural ice cream,” Wolcott says about raising his children in Big Bear. “I wanted to have a real (natural) ice cream shop.”

Wolcott lived in Hermosa Beach when he first bought a house in Big Bear. By 1994 he moved to Big Bear full time. His children attended school in Big Bear, and his daughter ran for the Big Bear High School cross-country team.

“Everyone’s kids can enjoy it (Ben & Jerry’s ice cream),” Wolcott says. Most ice cream is not all natural or allergen-free, but this brand is, he adds.

Ben & Jerry’s takes pride in knowing what ingredients go into the ice cream on the menu. Ben & Jerry’s offers vegan, diary-free, gluten-free, nut-free and kosher ice cream options. “This is ice cream made the way it is supposed to be made,” Wolcott says.

Ben & Jerry’s in the Village offers 32 ice cream flavors and 20 exclusive flavors that you can only find at the store location. This locally-owned franchise also bakes cookies, waffle cones and birthday cakes from scratch.

The Big Bear store also has more space to accommodate ice cream lovers. This past summer Wolcott added a patio section adjacent to the store for customers to relax and enjoy their cones.

Wolcott thought about the Big Bear community with the expansion. “We can do a lot with a large patio,” Wolcott says. “It’s an opportunity to host more fundraisers and events. Our goal is now to do fundraising events for all of the schools.”

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