June 3

• Vandalism, 700 block of Maple Lane, Sugarloaf. Window was broken in. Reporting party called Sheriff’s Station at the time incident was discovered, but did not have a report taken. Reporting party requested a report be made.

• Burglary, 400 block of Highland Ave., Sugarloaf. Residence was broken into within the past seven days. Entry was possibly made through the back door. Items stolen include jewelry, stereos, PlayStation and games, strongbox with silver bricks, an iPod and laptop.

• Drunk in public, 800 block of West Sugarloaf Boulevard, Big Bear City. A 55-year-old male subject was discovered passed out in front yard.

• Violation of court order, 200 block of Moreno Avenue, Sugarloaf. Reporting party states she received a text and a voicemail message from subject threatening to come from Seattle to reporting party’s house to kill her. This incident is part of an ongoing issue.

• Psych intervention, 800 block of Edgemoor Road, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party’s daughter received text messages from her boyfriend stating he cut himself. The boyfriend was located and had not cut himself, but asked for help. He was taken to Behavioral Health.

• Domestic battery, 41900 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. A 19-year-old female was assaulted by her girlfriend while in Palm Springs on Friday. Victim suffered a black eye, bruises and scratches. 

• Vehicle burglary, 42100 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party’s rental van was broken into while she was inside business. She left a window open. Camera and equipment was taken from the seat of the vehicle and the window was off its track.

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 700 block of Pine Knot Avenue, Big Bear Lake. A 47-year-old male subject took seven lorazepam and had been drinking all day. He was combative and argued with his mother, because she called for help, but he was nonviolent with deputies. He was taken to Behavioral Health. 

June 4

• Illegal entry and malicious mischief, 200 block of South Mann Drive, Big Bear City. Unknown subject broke into a vacation home within the past eight months. Subject broke rear sliding door and made a huge mess inside, emptying drawers and cabinets. Several items are missing.

• Cruelty to animals, 900 block of East Angeles Boulevard, Big Bear City. Reporting party saw his neighbor walk outside and shoot another neighbor’s dog point blank with a BB gun. The dog’s owner was not home at the time. Subject admitted shooting at the dog. This incident is part of an ongoing problem.

• Under the influence of drugs, 40100 block of Highland Road, Big Bear Lake. Tenant inside location was throwing friend’s items outside and made threats. The 30-year-old male subject admitted he smoked a bowl of methamphetamine and said he is an addict. He was arrested.

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 400 block of Thrush Drive, Big Bear Lake. An intoxicated 55-year-old male subject left a message on reporting party’s answering machine stating he wanted to kill himself. Per reporting party this is an ongoing problem.

• Petty theft, 500 block of Prairie Lane, Big Bear Lake. Three weed blowers and a backpack were taken from location Saturday or Sunday.

• Rape, 400 block of Summit Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. No information available.

June 5

• Psych intervention, 900 block of South McAlister Road, Big Bear City. During a pedestrian check, a 33-year-old male subject was approached. He wasn’t violent, but became violent on a following visit requiring deputy to taser him. He was taken to Behavioral Health.

• Possession of stolen property, 49300 block of Acacia Avenue, Hemet. Based on information from a burglary in Big Bear on July 3, 2012, a search warrant was served and property recovered in Hemet. Two suspects were arrested.

• Miscellaneous incident, 300 block of Maple Lane, Big Bear City. Clean Sweep citation was issued at the high school.

• Lost property, 2000 block of East Eighth Lane, Big Bear City. While either sitting on the bus or at the depot, reporting party lost two rings in a packet valued at $1,500 and $1,800.

• Disturbance, 1300 block of East Country Club Boulevard, Big Bear City. Reporting party and husband were fighting. Husband and their 18-year-old son, both intoxicated, believed she was in need of psychiatric evaluation and were trying to prevent her from leaving with 6-year-old daughter. Allegations of mental disorder were determined unfounded, but a report of the incident was taken for documentation.

• Commercial burglary, 42100 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. A male and a female subject stole items from a store and left in a black Honda Civic. Subjects were apprehended June 6.

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 41800 block of Garstin Drive, Big Bear Lake. An 81-year-old female subject wanted to kill herself. 

June 6

• Fight, 500 block of Riverside Avenue, Sugarloaf. Reporting party called to report at least 10 subjects, possibly underage and drinking, were fighting in the street. She stated they were throwing beer bottles and approximately four subjects were beating someone up. Reporting party suspected they had a police scanner because every time she called, they stopped making a disturbance. One arrest was made for outstanding warrants.

• Tow request, Big Bear Boulevard at North Division Drive, Big Bear Lake. A vehicle was pulled over because tail light was out. The male and female occupants of vehicle matched the description of burglary suspects and were arrested.

• Petty theft, 42600 block of Constellation Drive, Big Bear Lake. Unknown subject stole a $1,000 marble table from the front yard.

• Domestic disturbance, 42100 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. A male and female were arguing in the parking lot. Male was observed hitting the female in a vehicle. They left location, but when contacted by deputies they denied accusations so incident was documented for report only.

June 7

• Driving without a license, Moonridge Road at Evergreen Drive, Big Bear Lake. Vehicle was pulled over for speeding. The 22-year-old driver stated his roommate allowed him to drive the car even though he didn’t have a valid license.

• Burglary, 200 block of Spruce Avenue, Sugarloaf. Residence was broken into sometime during the past week, possibly through the back door. Items taken include a Samsung television, a flat screen television, Blu-ray, speakers, alcohol and a drill.

• Runaway juvenile, 300 block of South Zaca Court, Big Bear City. A 17-year-old male was angry at his mom and left on foot stating he might be back the next day. He returned home about six hours later.

• Miscellaneous incident, 300 block of Alden Road, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party was notified that one of his properties was being advertised for rent. He said this is not the first time this has happened.

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 41800 block of Garstin Drive, Big Bear Lake. A 46-year-old male subject took his dog’s medication and was talking nonsense. 

June 8

• Possession for sales, South Mitchell Lane at East Fir Lane, Big Bear City. Search warrant served at location after information obtained regarding a stolen vehicle. Deputies recovered the stolen vehicle, methamphetamine and marijuana. Three arrests made, two males, one female, all documented gang members.

• Disturbance, 500 block of West Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear City. Incident is part of an ongoing feud. Medication and alcohol were involved. Property was taken to keep the peace.

• Miscellaneous incident, 400 block of East Meadow Lane, Big Bear City. Reporting party’s intoxicated neighbor entered her residence and attempted to get her boyfriend to fight with him. There is a restraining order against the neighbor.

• Domestic battery, 400 block of East Meadow Lane, Big Bear City. Related to previous incident on the same street, reporting party’s husband and a male neighbor got into an argument and the neighbor threw a lamp at reporting party. The neighbor was arrested.

• Returned missing person, 300 block of South Zaca Court, Big Bear City. In reference to a runaway juvenile the day before, reporting party’s 17-year-old son returned home and she requested him to be removed from system.

• Minor injury traffic collision, Cottage Lane at Village Drive, Big Bear Lake. Vehicle versus street post. Driver complained of pain and was transported to hospital.

• Grand theft, 39500 block of Lake Drive, Big Bear Lake. Unknown subject took gate to gangway  sometime last month. Value of property stolen estimated between $1,100 and $1,200.

June 9

• Misdemeanor, Moonridge Road at Sunset Drive, Big Bear Lake. Incident started as a fight between three subjects over a girl. Two male subjects threw rocks at reporting party’s vehicle breaking windows. The two rock throwers were arrested.

• Drunk in public, Big Bear Boulevard at Forest Road, Big Bear Lake. Five intoxicated male subjects were in the street vandalizing cars. One subject took an American flag from a residence, broke the pole and threw it into the street. Two subjects were taken to jail.

• Commercial burglary, 40900 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. Business was broken into. Subject shattered interior door and stole $500 worth of paraphernalia.

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