Deputies from the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station assisted Riverside Police Department in finding a woman suspected of attempting to murder her husband.

Elida Johnson, 48, of Riverside, fled after allegedly stabbing her husband during an altercation over the couple’s children. Detective Mark Ellis of the Riverside Police Department contacted the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station May 2 after learning Johnson often visits a cabin in Sugarloaf that she and the victim own. Big Bear deputies located Johnson’s vehicle that night, a 2008 Toyota Highlander, near the cabin in the 800 block of San Bernardino Avenue and notified Riverside authorities. 

Before a Riverside Police Department task force arrived, Johnson fled the cabin. She allegedly turned on the natural gas and opened the drain on the water heater, flooding the house with water and gas. Once the water and gas were shut off, authorities entered the house and discovered a suicide note allegedly left by Johnson.

Authorities located Johnson driving on Highway 38 near Forest Falls. Riverside Police Department attempted to get Johnson to pull over, but she appeared to intentionally jerk the steering wheel to the right, which caused her vehicle to go over the side of the highway.

Johnson survived the collision and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Officers from the California Highway Patrol are investigating the traffic collision and Riverside Police Department is investigating the charges against Johnson for attempted murder.

The suspect and her husband were not living together at the time of the alleged stabbing. They were in the process of a divorce. The husband was stabbed three times and sustained serious injuries, authorities said.

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