July 29

• Grand theft, 300 block of East Country Club Boulevard, Big Bear City. Items were stolen from the back yard of reporting party’s weekend residence. Reporting party has not been to the cabin in the past six months.

• Possession of switchblade, 300 block of South Montclair Drive, Big Bear City. Reporting party and son were engaged in a verbal argument when son became enraged, thew a phone and pulled out a switchblade. Son was still in possession of the knife when deputies arrived. He was arrested and sent to juvenile hall.

July 30

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 1100 block of North Sierra Avenue, Big Bear City. An elderly female overdosed on pain medication she took with alcohol.

• Possession for sales, Cedar Avenue at Baldwin Lane, Sugarloaf. 

July 31

• Sexual battery, Moreno Lane at Barton Lane, Sugarloaf. One male and two female subjects, all high school students, were reportedly in the forest together. Activity was claimed consensual, but male subject was cited and sent to juvenile district attorney. 

• Commercial burglary, 40000 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. Some of reporting party’s tools were taken over the weekend.

• Disturbance music, 100 block of Kern Avenue, Sugarloaf. 

• Miscellaneous incident, Big Bear Boulevard at Moonridge Road, Big Bear Lake. A 22-year-old heavy equipment operator injured his foot on a commercial truck lift. 

• Petty theft, 600 block of Spruce Road, Big Bear Lake. Unknown subject took all of spa’s equipment from reporting party’s back yard.

• Runaway juvenile, 500 block of Cottage Lane, Big Bear Lake. Juvenile male subject at sober living house for treatment left with another subject. Both had been drinking. Subject is known to leave the house frequently. He could not be contacted or located.

• Possession of stolen property, Pine Knot Avenue at Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. 

• Drunk in public, Big Bear Boulevard at Pine Knot Avenue, Big Bear Lake. In connection with prior runaway juvenile call, subject was located and arrested for public drunkenness.

Aug. 1

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 900 block of South Pinon Lane, Big Bear City. Elderly male subject called 9-1-1, was uncooperative and hung up. Alcohol and prescription medication was found in his residence. Subject threatened suicide and was placed on 72-hour hold for evaluation.

• Illegal entry of dwelling, 300 block of Maple Lane, Sugarloaf. A friend reported hearing music from reporting party’s residence and said there was a male subject inside. When contacted, subject told reporting party’s friend he was hired to clean the place, but reporting party said subject did not have permission to be there. Subject appeared to have been staying there, but was gone when deputies arrived.

• Assault, 600 block of Sunset Lane, Sugarloaf. 

• Violation of court order, 40000 block of Lakeview Drive, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party has an active restraining order against husband because he was threatening to kill her. He was served with divorce papers. She changed her phone numbers, but has received several phone calls from an unknown person who did not leave messages. She believes the calls were from her husband. 

• Felony child abuse, 500 block of South Woodside Drive, Big Bear City. Follow up from July 25 incident of he said/she said situation regarding their 12-year-old son and allegations of physical abuse.

Aug. 2

• Death investigation, 300 block of Santa Barbara Avenue, Sugarloaf. 

• Vandalism, 2100 block of East State Lane, Big Bear City. Unknown subjects damaged reporting party’s great white shark in his yard.

• Tow authority, Moonridge Road at Garstin Drive, Big Bear Lake. 

• Burglary, 400 block of Maple Lane, Sugarloaf. 

• Federal offense, 300 block of Georgia Street, Big Bear Lake. During cabin remodel, reporting party found a bag containing counterfeit money and turned it into Sheriff’s Station.

• Petty theft, 500 block of Killington Way, Big Bear Lake. Skateboards were stolen from front yard.

Aug. 3

• Found property, 1200 block of Pine Ridge Place, Fawnskin. After returning from Blues for the Zoo event, reporting party discovered keys to a Subaru in his pants pocket that didn’t belong to him.

• Drunk in public, 1200 block of South Mitchell Lane, Sugarloaf. A male subject was on porch drinking heavily and threatening to slit his wrists because his wife left him. He had broken objects and was cussing. Considered a danger to himself and the officers, subject was arrested.

• Terrorist threat, 700 block of West Aeroplane Boulevard, Big Bear City. Male subject came to location and caused a disturbance, threatening to stab his daughter’s girlfriend. Subject was arrested.

• Drunk in public, 100 block of Stoney Creek Road, Big Bear Lake. An intoxicated male subject was randomly knocking on doors and eventually passed out on reporting party’s porch. He was arrested. 

• Lost property, 600 block of Summit Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. 

• Grand theft, 700 block of Tulip Lane, Big Bear Lake.

• Miscellaneous incident, 39000 block of Hillcrest Drive, Big Bear Lake. 

• Grand theft, 41000 block of Park Avenue, Big Bear Lake. Art valued at $1,000 was stolen from a van in parking lot as reporting party was loading her vehicle. No witnesses or suspect information provided.

• Disorderly conduct, 42000 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party was concerned that subject purchasing alcohol at store was drinking and driving.

Aug. 4

• Death investigation, 800 block of South McAlister Road, Big Bear City. 

• Found property, 400 block of Summit Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. 

• Unlawful setting of fire, South Hatchery Drive at Highway 38, Big Bear City. California Highway Patrol and fire department responded to a small brush fire.

• Assault with weapon, 800 block of Spruce Avenue, Sugarloaf. Male subject left his girlfriend and juvenile son stranded in town. Girlfriend went to house, broke things and threw a rock at boyfriend. Girlfriend was found under the influence of methamphetamine and was arrested. 

• Petty theft, Big Bear Boulevard at Highway 38, Big Bear City. Reporting party’s purse was stolen from her vehicle. 

• Domestic disturbance, 600 block of Riverside Avenue, Sugarloaf. Two subjects were fighting and refused to leave the house because of the children there. Female subject called for help, but was afraid children would be taken by Child Protective Services. In the past two days, disturbances at this location have been reported seven times. Child Protective Services would be contacted the next day for follow up.

• Drunk in public, 40000 block of Forest Road, Big Bear Lake. Two intoxicated female subjects were outside yelling and threatening to kill each other. 

• Death investigation, 700 block of Edgemoor Road, Big Bear Lake. 

• Psych intervention, 41000 block of Garstin Drive, Big Bear Lake. An intoxicated male subject in emergency room threatened to kill himself by jumping off a cliff in Running Springs.

• Death investigation, 40000 block of Forest Road, Big Bear Lake. 

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