Sept. 16

• Miscellaneous incident, 2000 block of 10th Lane, Big Bear City. Report taken for documentation regarding an ongoing problem with kids playing in reporting party’s house that is under construction.

• Drunk in public, 40900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Big Bear Lake. An intoxicated 40-year-old male was found lying in his own urine and vomit. Deputy assisted him to patrol unit and placed him under arrest. 

• Vandalism, 41700 block of Comstock Lane, Big Bear Lake. Unknown subject pried door open to gain entry to vacation cabin and stole numerous items. During the investigation, discovery was made that the lock box near the front door of a neighboring vacation home had been struck.No entry was made and no other damage done. 

• Custodial, 400 block of Summit Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party’s ex-husband came to Big Bear and picked up their children who were on a camping trip with friends. Reporting party has full legal custody of the children and a restraining order against her ex-husband. Reporting party contacted the FBI and Child Abduction unit at San Bernardino County District Attorney who advised her to contact the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department for report.

Sept. 17

• Theft by fraud, 200 block of Wabash Avenue, Sugarloaf. Reporting party posted on Craigslist a room for rent. A female subject responded and sent a check for $2,962, well over the agreed upon deposit amount. Reporting party deposited the check and withdrew $300. Check bounced and bank is requesting the $300 be returned.

• Miscellaneous incident, 40000 block of North Shore Drive, Fawnskin. A 34-year-old male with possible developmental issues and a history of bothering neighbors has repeatedly attempted to make contact with a 14-year-old girl. Subject was given another warning and reporting party advised to get a restraining order.

• Cruelty to child, 800 block of South Ash Lane, Big Bear City. A 39-year-old male, entrusted to care for his three children while his wife was away at work, was reported by his daughter to be in the midst of a two-day drinking binge. Daughter called mother to report dad passed out and the children fending for themselves. It also appeared necessary medication was not given to the youngest child. Subject was arrested.

• Domestic battery, 2100 block of East 7th Lane, Big Bear City. A 34-year-old male was fighting with his 40-year-old girlfriend and took their 8-year-old son to a neighbor’s house. He allegedly pushed his girlfriend down and was breaking things in the house to intimidate her. Subject was arrested.

• Fraudulent use of credit card, 42000 block of Fox Farm Road, Big Bear Lake. Female victim was notified by her bank that fraudulent charges were made to her debit card at Ralph’s grocery store in the Los Angeles area on Sept. 16. Victim is in possession of the card. No suspect leads. 

• Miscellaneous incident, 43200 block of Deer Canyon Road, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party did not receive a package containing business checks valued at $200 that UPS showed as delivered, based on driver’s scan. Bank confirmed no fraudulent charges had been made using the checks. Report taken for documentation. 

• Missing person, 42700 block of Moonridge Road, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party kicked her 38-year-old husband out after an argument. He didn’t show up for work and hasn’t been heard from since the morning of Sept. 15.

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 40000 block of Forest Road, Big Bear Lake. A 23-year-old male texted reporting party that he was going to kill himself and she would have to claim his body. For his safety, subject was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health for a 72-hour evaluation. 

• Assault, 600 block of Metcalf Lane, Big Bear Lake. A 32-year-old male was attacked during a fight. Victim identified the other party who fled before deputies’ arrival. Victim did not want to prosecute or file a report. 

Sept. 18

• Burglary, 900 block of Mt. Doble Drive, Big Bear City. Subject entered residence and took a ring and neck chain.

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 900 block of Pinon Lane, Big Bear City. A 59-year-old male discovered extremely intoxicated and repeatedly making suicidal statements was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. 

• Crisis intervention, 41800 block of Garstin Drive, Big Bear Lake. A 41-year-old female walked into emergency room lobby and said if she didn’t get help, she would hurt herself. She was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

Sept. 19

• Tow request, San Bernardino Avenue at Mahogany Road, Sugarloaf. Reporting party came to stay at her vacation home and discovered an unknown vehicle parked in her driveway. Vehicle was towed.

• Burglary, 700 block of St. Moritz Drive, Big Bear Lake. Unknown subject(s) entered residence by breaking the key lock on door and took two flatscreen televisions. 

• DUI, Big Bear Boulevard at Knight Avenue, Big Bear Lake. A 49-year-old female driver was pulled over after swerving over lane lines. Unsteady on her feet and slurring her words, she had consumed martinis as well as her pain medication within the past hour. She failed a physical field sobriety test and fell down while talking with officer. She was arrested. 

Sept. 20

• Burglary, 1100 block of West Rainbow Boulevard, Big Bear City. During a week-long absence, reporting party’s residence was broken into. Bedrooms were ransacked and a painting was taken.

• Domestic battery, 900 block of North Peter Avenue, Big Bear City. Reporting party returned to residence to collect her property and an altercation ensued with her boyfriend. Boyfriend fled scene. Reporting party suffered bruising and swelling to arms and pointer finger and she told deputies her boyfriend had marijuana paraphernalia in his van.

• Runaway juvenile, 1100 block of East Country Club Boulevard, Big Bear City. A 17-year-old male on medication for bipolar disorder fled on foot during an argument with his father. 

• Attempted burglary, 39100 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. After closing, unknown subject(s) forced open an attic door to business, entered and cut the wires to three interior security cameras. Subject(s) did not make entry into main business area and nothing was missing.

• Fraudulent use of credit card, 39100 block of Starview Lane, Big Bear Lake. Unauthorized charges were made to reporting party’s bank account.  

Sept. 21

• Burglary, 1000 block of South Minton Drive, Big Bear City. Using keys from the lockbox, suspect(s) entered the residence and took two 32-inch Phillips flatscreen televisions, two Sony Blue-ray players and two wireless phones.

• Assault with weapon, 42800 block of Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. During verbal altercation at a bar one subject hit another in the head with a beer bottle. Victim called 9-1-1 from his hotel and was taken to local hospital.

• Psych intervention, 200 block of Olympic Drive, Big Bear Lake. An 81-year-old male subject with Alzheimer’s disease did not recognize his family members and threatened them with a hammer. No one was hurt during the incident. Subject is awaiting placement into care facility.

• Prowling, 300 block of Canvasback Road, Big Bear Lake. A 21-year-old male subject exhibiting symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance was observed on the property, told to leave and later attempted to open a locked shed. Subject was arrested.

Sept. 22

• Assault with weapon, 300 block of Barker Boulevard, Big Bear City. Argument between tenant and landlord. Reporting party claimed female changed the locks to property and was putting his items in her vehicle. Female fled scene with two males, hitting reporting party with bumper as they left.  

• Psych intervention/evaluation, 1100 block of North Gold Mountain Drive, Big Bear City. A 14-year-old male with violent history destroyed home and threatened his mother. Subject was transported to the appropriate facility. 

• Resisting an executive officer, Bartlett Road at Village Drive, Big Bear Lake. Security attempted to remove an intoxicated 34-year-old male from a bar where he was smashing glass bottles. Subject attempted to take deputy’s firearm from the holster. It took two deputies to take control of subject and place him into handcuffs. 

• Drunk in public, 500 block of Main Street, Big Bear Lake. Male subject observed arguing with his girlfriend in the street. Subject was arrested.

• Missing person, 900 block of Myrtle Avenue, Big Bear Lake. Female was reported missing after not returning from a concert a block away from home. Subject later returned to residence with no memory of the night before other than separating from boyfriend following an argument then somehow ended up across town at a motel. 

• Psych intervention, Olympic Drive at Avalon Road, Big Bear Lake. Male subject with Alzheimer’s disease walked away from his house and refused to return with care giver. Care giver followed him on foot until deputies arrived. With deputy assistance, subject went home without further incident. 

• Assault with sustained injury, 600 block of Pine Knot Avenue, Big Bear Lake. Male subject was punched in the face by an unknown subject while at a bar and sustained a fractured jaw and broken tooth. 

• Missing person, 41300 block of Park Avenue, Big Bear Lake. Reporting party’s daughter left in the morning with husband and had not returned. Husband and daughter had been fighting, so reporting party was concerned something was wrong. Daughter and husband returned later without incident.

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