Eagle closure period extended, June 26, 2019

Simba, the baby eagle, left, hangs out with his mom, Jackie, at the nest near Big Bear Lake.

A 10-week-old bald eagle made famous by hatching live on a webcam earlier this year has yet to take his first flight as of June 25. As a result, San Bernardino National Forest officials have extended a closure around the nest on the north side of Big Bear Lake.

Juvenile bald eagles typically take their first flight 10 to 12 weeks after hatching.

“He turned 10 weeks old on Sunday and is apparently content to hang out and be waited on hand-and-talon by his parents,” said Robin Eliason, wildlife biologist for the Forest Service. “After an eagle’s first flight, it usually uses the nest area as a home base for up to two weeks while becoming more adept at flying. It’s important to continue to protect him from disturbance until then.”

Areas affected by the closure include the lower portion of Grays Peak Trail including the trailhead parking lot, Grout Bay Picnic Area, Big Bear Yellow Post Campsite No. 1, a portion of Forest Road 2N70 and all of Forest Road 2N04X, also known as Lumpy Road.

The closure, which is under a Forest Order, is set to expire July 31, 2019, but will be lifted after the eagle fledges and stops frequenting the area.

The live nest-cam is provided by the Friends of the Big Bear Valley and can be viewed at the website

www.friendsofbigbearvalley.org, the Institute for Wildlife Studies website at iws.org and on YouTube.

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