The city of Big Bear Lake, in conjunction with the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station, Big Bear Fire Department, California Highway Patrol and Caltrans, will utilize its Fourth of July traffic plan to better manage the flow of traffic at peak times.

According to Phil Mosley, director of community services of the city, the same plan that was used in 2018 will be in place again.

“Basically if you want to go east after the fireworks show, you need to park south of Big Bear Boulevard,” Mosley said. “If you want to go west, park north of the boulevard.”

Officers will be in place along the North Shore and on Stanfield Cutoff to help with congestion. Those who park inside the marinas including Pine Knot Landing, Captain John’s Fawn Harbor, North Shore Landing and the East Launch, will be held on site until traffic flow allows for safe exit, Mosley said. Those vehicles may spend up to an hour after the show in a holding pattern, he said.

Prior to the fireworks show, Pine Knot Avenue in the Village between Stone Road and Village Drive will be closed to vehicles. This will allow pedestrians the ability to watch the fireworks from the Village area, Mosley said.

Between 9 p.m. and midnight motorists will be directed to make only right turns onto Big Bear Boulevard between Georgia Street and Temple Lane. Sheriff’s deputies and CHP officers will control traffic at all major intersections including Village Drive, Paine Road, Pine Knot Avenue, Knickerbocker Road, Starvation Flats and Stanfield Cutoff.

No parking will be allowed on Knickerbocker Road between Pennsylvania Avenue and Big Bear Boulevard. There are several parking lots that can be utilized safely including the Knickerbocker, Pennsylvania and Bartlett lots in the Village area of Big Bear Lake.

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