Big Bear snow Thanksgiving 2019

Snow is falling in Big Bear City creating a beautiful blanket for Thanksgiving Day.

Snow is falling in Big Bear with several inches accumulated since early morning. The snow doesn't show signs of letting up anytime soon.

Chains are required on all roads leading into and within Big Bear Valley. All two-wheel drive vehicles must have chains or traction devices. Four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels do not need chains at this time, but must carry chains. R-3 restrictions could be implemented if road conditions worsen, meaning all vehicles must have chains, even those with four-wheel and all-wheel drive.

There are reports of traffic collisions and vehicles spinning out on Highway 18. The California Highway Patrol is reporting delays on roads leading into the mountains due to weather. 

What to expect the remainder of the weekend:

Today snow, heavy at times, continues possibly for the next 24 hours. Temperatures in low 30s during the day, dropping to 11 degrees overnight. Chain control on all roads leading into and within Big Bear. Possible worsening road conditions that could lead to R-3 restrictions or road closures. Snow totals could reach 10-15 inches.

Friday, Nov. 29, snow showers continue with highs only reaching the low 20s during the day, 9 degrees overnight. Chain control most likely in effect as snow continues to fall in the mountains. 

Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 30, Dec. 1, Storm clears to partly cloudy skies Highs in the low to mid 30s during the day, 20s overnight. Expect heavy traffic and delays on roads leading to the mountains. 

Stay connected with road and weather conditions for Big Bear with the Big Bear Now app available for free for Apple and Android operating systems.

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