When Teri MacMaster works on a client’s hands, she shoots for perfection. The nail artist, who worked at Leona’s Nail Shop for four years, now adds the pride of business ownership behind her craft.

When Leona Kovac announced she was moving out of state, MacMaster saw a perfect opportunity. Leona’s Nail Shop is now The Perfect 10, owned and operated by MacMaster as of Jan. 26.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” MacMaster says. “I get to talk to women all day and make them feel good, and I get to be creative. People ask me when am I going to retire. But why? I’m having too much fun.”

MacMaster’s clients are glad she’s staying part of the rank and file. “I think they’re really artistic, and they look nice,” says client Arlene Hannan about her nails. The two women have known each other since their now 30-year-old sons were six months old.

Hannan was one of Kovac’s clients, as well, who switched to MacMaster once the changeover occurred. Many of MacMaster’s friends were already Kovac’s clients when she started doing nails. It made for an easy transition.

Becoming a manicurist was a late-in-life decision for MacMaster, she says. After owning her own business as a stained glass artist while raising her children, she became an escrow officer. But once the housing market slowed, neither of those options seemed viable.

MacMaster saw the opportunity to turn her artistic side into a third career, creating cathedral-quality nail art. “When I went into nails I made that connection, totally,” she says about conceiving and creating workable designs on nails, similar to creating stained glass. “It’s just a different medium.”

While learning to become a manicurist, MacMaster fell in love with gel nails after seeing a demonstration by the company Young Nails, a nail product company. Gel nails are an alternative to acrylic nails. The chemistry is similar, but gels contain an additional short chain monomer, known as oligomers, that make the nails more flexible. And there is no odor during the process.

“I knew that was the exact direction I was going in,” MacMaster says. She also offers Minx nail wraps, shrink wrapped nail art that features trendy designs and last a couple of weeks on nails and up to two months on toes.

Because MacMaster’s clientele nearly doubled, she is searching for a second set of hard working hands for the salon. Continued education is important to MacMaster. The main requirement is that the professional manicurist shares the same enthusiasm for keeping up with trends through schooling. Do you know someone who can nail it?

The Perfect 10 is at 42007 Fox Farm Road in the Grizzly Center, Big Bear Lake. For more information or an appointment, call 909-878-3366.

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