Those lines you may have noticed on your way to work Thursday, Jan. 16, aren’t the result of a spill. They are on Highway 38 and 18 on purpose.

Caltrans pretreated the roadways with a brine solution before an expected snow storm set to arrive sometime Thursday night. According to Terri Kasinga, chief public and media affairs officer for Caltrans District 8, the wet solution is a brine consisting of 23 percent salt and 77 percent water. It assists in keeping the snow from sticking and helps to break it up when Caltrans starts to plow.

“Once it snows, we place a de-icing agent on top of the snow called Ice Slicer along with cinders, which breaks up the snow and also helps it melt,” Kasinga wrote in an email to the Big Bear Grizzly. The de-icing solution is organic, Kasinga said.

Ice Slicer is 20-percent less corrosive than white salt, according to the Ice Slicer website. It is an organic blend mined from a halite deposit in Southern Utah with a blend of complex chlorides and trace minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.

For more information on the material Caltrans uses on the roads during snow events, follow the link

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