Bear Valley Community Healthcare District

The Bear Valley Community Healthcare District was awarded the Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED award from BETA Healthcare Group. The healthcare district purchases liability insurance from BETA.

“Many hospitals in the state, many rural hospitals and many district hospitals, but others as well, as insured by that company,” said CEO John Friel. “So they’re always trying to make improvements in quality. So they put together a program where they focused on the emergency room, because obviously that’s an area that’s high risk for liability.”

One hundred percent of the healthcare district’s emergency department staff completed the training in order to receive the award. This included core staff members and less regular employees, Friel said.

“That might sound easy,” Friel said. “But to get all of your clinical staff and professional staff to participate in a program can be a challenge.”

The goal of the program is to get all staff members on the same program in hopes of reducing errors, Friel said.

“So the idea behind it, like any other training program, is you teach people new ways of doing things and you hope it sticks and it becomes part of their practice going forward,” Friel said.

BETA has two tiers of its program. Its first tier focuses on education and the second tier allows for more patient safety and reduction in insurance premiums. To qualify for the emergency department premium renewal credit, all medical staff members need to complete tier 1 education requirements online, according to a BVCHD press release.

Since the healthcare district completed the program, there is a discount in the insurance premiums going forward, Friel said.

The program taught staff how to evaluate patients with typical and atypical symptoms of heart attack, so the staff could treat a heart attack quickly, according to the press release.

“The patients end up benefitting from it because there’s less chance of an error or mistake,” Friel said. “I mean that’s what it’s all about. We’re always trying to find new ways of minimizing our risk.”

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