The owners of Marina Resort have big plans. They are asking the Big Bear Lake Planning Commission to give a thumbs up to the renovation plans for the lakefront hotel.

On Wednesday, Aug. 21, the Planning Commission will consider a major modification for the property on Big Bear Boulevard just west of Pine Knot Avenue. For years the site of the Big Bear Lake Rotary Fireworks Barbecue and home to the big white tent where countless events and weddings have taken place in the summer is planning several changes.

Interior and exterior renovations are planned for the 42-room lodge. One of the biggest changes is the addition of a restaurant and bar to the hotel site. The existing lobby will be remodeled into the restaurant with the additiona of a kitchen, according to the plans submitted the city planners. The deck and promenade is also set for expansion.

The Planning Commission meets at 1:15 p.m. in Hofert Hall in the Big Bear Lake City Hall. Meetings are open to the public

Also on the Aug. 21 agenda is a request for approval for the Gran Fondo cycling event in September. 

Consideration of interior and exterior renovations to the existing 42-unit Marina Resort, including the

addition of a kitchen onto the hotel and the remodel of the existing lobby into a restaurant and bar,

expanded deck and promenade area, new exterior materials, reconfiguration of the parking lot, and

installation of new landscaping throughout the site. This property is located on 3.15 acres in the Lakefront

Commercial (LC) area of the Village Specific Plan.

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