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Woodrow Call
Woodrow Call

Just a thought folks. During our current budget crisis, why in the world are we talking about NEW enhancements of any kind. That's a luxury that we can't afford now. It's obvious to most, that basic simple park maintenance by the well meaning staff is a struggle at this point.

Example ---, The little Erwin Lake Park has just one light, a dusk to dawn light for simple basic safety and security. It has been out all summer long. Numerous calls to request its repair by those concerned have produced no action. When law enforcement is called to the park at 1am to round up the rowdy, the officers must use their own search lights to see anything at all.. Also the park is covered by gopher hole piles that are destroying the grounds..

So my point is that now is not the time for spending money we dont have on new enhancements. Lets just keep what we have looking good and working.