Public parking closed, April 8, 2020

The city of Big Bear Lake barracaded public parking lots in the Village area to discourage visitors from gathering for snow play.

Snow play areas, ski resorts, parks, and more are closed in the mountains. San Bernardino County officials made sure to spread the message to any potential visitors thinking of venturing up to play in the fresh snow.

“The mountains are closed to visitors for now,” San Bernardino County Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford said. “Hotels, short-term rentals and non-essential businesses are closed, and the U.S. Forest Service has shut down its snow play areas to the public. There’s no reason to go up.”

Chains are required on all roads leading to teh mountains. All vehicles must have chains except those with four-wheel or all-wheel drive and snow tires on Highways 18, 38 and 330. Stranded drivers may have to wait for extended periods for assistance due to limited resources. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to fine and/or towing.

“Please don’t put your safety and the safety of others at risk by coming to the mountains,” Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe said.

County Public Works will position “NO SNOW PLAY” electronic message boards at all entrances to the mountain communities.

“Out of respect for the residents of our mountain communities and the statewide order in place, it is imperative that you not visit the mountains at this time,” First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood said. “Maintain sheltering in place at your primary home. The limited essential services available in the mountain communities are to help sustain the needs of the residents until the order is lifted.”

In Big Bear Lake, both ski resorts are closed, both commercial snow play areas are closed, and no one should be engaging in snow play at any location other than their own property. All public parking lots and on-street public parking spaces in the city of Big Bear Lake are closed, and city enforcement staff will actively ticket and tow vehicles parked illegally on city streets.

“Normally, we’d be welcoming people up to Big Bear Lake to enjoy themselves; however, now is just not the right time,” said Big Bear Lake City Manager Frank Rush. “We really need people to do the right thing and shelter in place in their home community. Traveling for snow play is obviously not an essential activity.”

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