Following on the heels of the city of Big Bear Lake’s announcement March 22, San Bernardino County today announced that lodging facilities within the county may not operate under the stay at home order issued by the governor and the county public health department order.

Very narrow exceptions exist for lodging facilities that apply to housing key essential personnel or turning a facility into a place to house COVID-19 patients. Those exceptions do not apply to any short-term, vacation type rentals.

Violation of state and county health orders are crimes punishable by fines, imprisonment or both, a county press release issued today stated.

All vacation rentals currently operating within San Bernardino County, which includes all the unincorporated areas of Big Bear Valley such as Big Bear City, Sugarloaf, Fawnskin, Baldwin Lake and Lake William, must cease operation immediately. All bookings for the foreseeable future should be immediately canceled. No new arrivals should be processed and no new reservations should be accepted until the state and county orders have been lifted.

Any guests in a vacation rental home should immediately be directed to return to their home community. Where not possible, those guests should be told to shelter in place and remain so until further notice.

On March 22 the city of Big Bear Lake issued a similar notice, that no lodging facilities, including short-term or vacation rentals, can operate within the city limits. All vacation rental companies are asked to stop taking reservations, stop processing any new arrivals and to ask current guests to vacate and return to their home communities.

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