The Big Bear Grizzly has received word that someone posing to be from The Grizzly is attempting to obtain personal information and sell items to merchants in Big Bear.

Jeannie Antes, owner of O Koo Ran, said she was contacted by phone from someone who didn’t speak English well. According to Antes, the person requested store and personal email addresses from Antes so they could send to her digital articles from The Grizzly at no charge.

Antes, who said the phone call originated from Fairfield, Connecticut, said she knew it wasn’t a legitimate call. She contacted The Grizzly to report the possible scam.

Another merchant who was a winner in the Best of Big Bear Reader’s Choice Awards was also contacted. This person emailed the local business and offered to provide plaques for the winner. That business owner also contacted The Grizzly.

The Big Bear Grizzly called the number used to contact Antes. The outgoing voicemail message asked the caller to leave information and an email address, and the organization would send digital articles to the caller. The Grizzly left a message and phone number asking for a return call, but has not received a call back.

The Grizzly is not associated with this company or service. We do not solicit information from our customers to send digital copies of articles.

We urge anyone receiving calls from anyone claiming to be from The Grizzly, or any agency or company, asking for personal information not to comply. Get information and report the scam to the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department.

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