Fox Farm Storage Unit fire Oct. 12, 2019

Black smoke and flames billow above the Fox Farm Storage facility in Big Bear Lake on Oct. 12. The fire was reportedly a vehicle or RV. The cause is under investigation. 

Big Bear Fire Department responded to reports of a truck or motorhome on fire at the Fox Farm Storage area just before noon today. At least one person was injured.

The fire was knocked down in approximately 25 minutes. One burn victim was transported by helicopter to a hospital down the mountain.

It's unclear if the fire involved a truck or motorhome, or multiple vehicles. There were reports of propane tanks that were exploding but that is unconfirmed. 

Smoke and flames could be seen from around Big Bear Valley as reports of the fire spread. 

As more information is available the story will be updated. 

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Sadly, we lost our beautiful boat in the fire. It was caused by the motorhome owned by a homeless person who used gas directly into the carburator to try and start it after being dormant for over 4 years. He was warned it was a bad idea by another RV owner on the other side of him, who happened to be there at the time, but he paid no attention and proceeded anyway. The one who started the fire was the one who was hurt and taken to the hospital. I pray hes ok. However, i and other tenants, reported our suspicions that someone may be living in the motorhome, but it went no further with management. It should also be noted that you CANNOT work on ANY VEHICLE OR RV on the property. Keep in mind there are cameras everywhere on the property but nothing was said or done to prevent others from having their property destroyed. It's a sad day for alot of us, but this should never have happened.

Aero pilot

Sadly our Motorhome suffered significant damage as well and is probably a total loss. This was our weekend get away retreat to big bear on the weekends. The gas can be was using still site in front of his motorhome. Hopefully he will recover

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