Big Bear Mountain Resort opening days delayed, Nov. 13, 2019

Mother Nature hasn't been much help to Big Bear Mountain Resorts as winter operation preparations continue. The opening date for Snow Summit, originally set for a tentative Nov. 15 opening, has been pushed back to Nov. 28.

Ah, Mother Nature. You gotta love her. Or not.

Right now for the Big Bear economy it’s more of the not rather than the love. That’s because Big Bear and the rest of Southern California is experiencing a warmer than average November.

“Big Bear is getting into the 60s each day,” said Matt Moreland, forecaster with the National Weather Service office in San Diego. “Normally the highs would be in the 50s and low in the mid to upper 20s. Big Bear is running about 5 to 10 degrees above normal.”

All that warm weather has a direct impact on Big Bear’s winter tourist season. Warm weather typically results in a later opening date for Big Bear Mountain Resorts. Snow Summit was originally scheduled to open Friday, Nov. 15. But that date has been pushed back to Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28.

Bear Mountain’s opening date is Nov. 29 after originally tentatively listed at Nov. 22.

“Weather conditions have not permitted us to begin snowmaking operations,” said Justin Kanton, advertising and public relations director for Big Bear Mountain Resort. “However, we do expect to begin in the next five to seven days based on current forecasts. It’s important to note that we typically target Thanksgiving as our target date for opening, so the new tentative date doesn’t mean we are behind schedule.”

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The locals need a break from all the tourists after octoberfest. I welcome the warm weather.

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