Regan Szydloski-Hamamoto joins Big Bear Grizzly staff, Jan. 8, 2020

Regan Szydloski-Hamamoto welcomes visitors to the Big Bear Grizzly as the new classified sales executive.

Regan Szydloski-Hamamoto is the newest member of the Big Bear Grizzly team. She is the smiling face you will see when entering the Grizzly office.

Szydloski-Hamamoto is a familiar face in Big Bear. She has been coming to Big Bear her entire life, and she has called the Valley home for the past seven years. Her grandfather, Bill Strickler, was the original owner of Wild Wings on Moonridge Road. She remembers spending time in the store as a child when it first opened.

You may know Szydloski-Hamamoto if you’ve ever attended a Paint & Sip at Barrel 33 in the Village or at the former Craft to Treasure store on Pine Knot Avenue, which was owned by her mother. Regan is the assistant to her mother, Nancy Szydloski, who is the artistic talent behind Let’s Paint Your Party. The duo provide the creative juices to those Paint & Sip events.

Regan is a newlywed. She and her husband, Jimmy Hamamoto, were married in September 2019. They met when he was working at The Copper Q in the Village and Regan was at Craft to Treasure across the street.

In addition to being a newlywed, Regan is also a Disney fanatic. She blames her mother, Regan says, for her Disney obsession. Regan has always watched Disney movies, and if you can’t find her, she’s probably at Disneyland. She is a passholder and visits a couple of times per month.

Regan is also an avid reader. Her favorite genre is fantasy, and she loves to write, mostly journals. Regan writes daily devotional and reflective type journals, leaving the storytelling to others she says.

At the Grizzly, Regan will be in charge of classified and directory sales, legals, circulation/subscriptions and some digital sales, as well as whatever else comes her way. If you know her, stop by and say hi. If not, come by and introduce yourself.

Publisher Judi Bowers is doing a happy dance now that Regan on board.

“She will make a great addition to our team,” Bowers says. “Regan is just who you want to see when you walk into a business. She’s happy and smiling, and you will feel right at home. I’m so looking forward to all she brings to the team.”

Regan can be reached at 909-866-3456 or via email at

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