Big Bear is alphabet soup in terms of local governing boards and bodies. Water, school, utilities, healthcare, city and community services district, not to mention roads and advisory and visitors and chamber boards. The list is endless.

With so many boards, one has to wonder are there enough good men and women available to fill the seats? While it’s not impossible, and depending on the boards, not illegal to serve on more than one governing board at a time, it rarely if ever happens. The only cases are where one board appoints members of its board to serve on another. This happens with the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency and Mountain Transit Authority, as well as the Big Bear Fire Authority.

In recent years at election time we’ve seen the list of names on the ballot for local governing bodies dwindle. In several cases, those running do so unopposed winning the seat by acclimation.

With so much strife in politics it’s any wonder anyone would put themselves out there to seek public office of any kind, even at the local level in a small town. But change and reformation needs to start somewhere — why not here.

Two local governing boards ­— the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District and the Bear Valley Unified School District — have vacancies. Rob Robbins resigned from the healthcare board and Bev Grabe from the school board, both to move out of state. Now is the chance for anyone even remotely interested in serving their community to consider applying to fill one of the positions.

If you have an affinity for healthcare, want to see the hospital and the district improve and grow, then check the application process and put your name in the hat. The worst that can happen is you are appointed or you’re not.

Do you believe in creating a brighter future for your children through education? Then maybe sharing your passion with the school district as a member of the school board is where to start. Again, check the process, submit your application and maybe you will be appointed, or maybe not.

The point is, be willing to put walk the walk. Sitting back, looking at what’s going on from the sidelines instead of sharing your ideas won’t get things accomplished. Unless you prefer to complain, step up.

Serving takes commitment and passion, an open mind and willingness to communicate. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about healthcare or education in these cases. You just have to know you want to be someone who is willing to make a difference when it counts. Be the person who steps up and says yes.

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