Just like the seasons that change, so do other things. Business, society, industry, technology, families, neighborhoods ­— nothing really stays the same forever.

The Grizzly has been publishing for 79 years in some form or fashion. Big Bear has seen a seasonal paper, newspapers of different names, special publications, a magazine, a website and social media all produced by the teams at the Big Bear Grizzly.

The teams have been small, large, larger and back to small. As this issue goes to print, the team is one of the smallest it’s been in decades. Yet, thanks to the advances of techology, this small team produces the equivalent of what a team triple its size was producing a few short years ago.

As 2019 comes to a close, the team at the Big Bear Grizzly is focusing on 2020 and beyond. We are looking for ways to improve our service to this community we also call home. We want to deliver the news and information this community desires, share the stories and the marketing messages of our businesses and residents. We want to partner with those who live, work and play in this resort town.

As we embark on improved products and publications, we will be asking for your input. In the next few weeks, the Big Bear Grizzly will be asking for our readers and advertisers and potential readers and advertisers to share their thoughts on what they want from their hometown newspaper. A survey will be released online asking some important questions. We will also put the survey in our print edition for those who prefer to answer in writing.

The Big Bear Grizzly, the Grizzly Weekender and Big Bear Now magazine, along with bigbeargrizzly.net are the Media of the Mountain. We continue to strive to be your hometown news, a source you can trust for honest, factual information. We hope you will share your thoughts with us on how we can better serve Big Bear now and in the future.

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