Change. Not everyone likes it, but it’s one thing we can all accept with certainty will happen. Change happens every day, every hour, every minute.

We can accept it with grace or fight it, but change will still happen. Change happens as children grow up, parents age. People change jobs, buy new cars, move to new neighborhoods. People change their habits, their hair color and their underwear.

And yes, communities change. Including Big Bear. This Valley continues to grow and change. Progress is change, and whether you want to accept it or not, it’s going to happen.

We at The Grizzly are shaking our collective heads at the uproar at the change within the Big Bear Community Services District over the new trash cans. It’s unbelievable how people can get so worked up over getting a new trash can. It’s a trash can. You put your refuse inside, you set it at the curb, and the trash man comes and takes the trash away.

The arguments aren’t logical. People opposed to the new trash cans wonder how they will get the cans to the curb. They wonder what will happen if the wind blows and the can is blown down the street. They wonder what to do if they don’t live here full time and have to leave their can at the curb on Sunday when trash day is Tuesday.

They are concerned about snow. And everyone is concerned that someone is going to lose their job. There are those who state that no one can make them use

these trash cans.

First, how do you get your cans to the curb now? Do they have wheels, or do you put them on a cart and roll them there? The new cans have wheels and roll easily.

What happens to your trash cans now that end up down the street in a windstorm? You have to go get them. At least these have your ID on them, so you know which one is yours.

What do you do with your cans now if you are a weekender? Or do you take your trash to a dumpster instead of leaving the cans at the curb? No big change here.

When it snows now, you still have to shovel the drive or the path to get your cans to the curb. We live where it snows, and unless you can convince Mother Nature never to snow on your trash day, you will still have to get any trash can to the curb in winter.

No one is losing their job. The savings comes in fewer work-related injuries for one, and yes, down the road it’s possible that a vacant position may not be filled. But this is through attrition, not termination.

And you’re right, no one can make you use these new cans. But the CSD doesn’t have to pick up your trash either if you aren’t using the provided can.

So yes, change is hard, but this is progress. We could go back to the days of having to haul our trash to the public dumpster, or the dump. These trash carts are the future, so unless you want to live in the past, change is something we all have to accept, including something as simple as a new trash can.

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“Pick your battles, is trash one of them” I agree we all must live with change, however this is costing all of us that live the Big Bear Community Services District extra money and will be a reduction in service. I call BBCSD and asked how I’m going to dispose of all the pine needles and yard waste such as tree trimmings. Currently I put out 2 32 gallon trash cans and 2-3 32 gallon bags of yard waste each week. This is not counting the bags after we have a wind event or in the spring when I have 20-30 bags of needles (12 bags max pickup per week). BBCSD response was that I have “Dump Card”, so am I supposed to load this in the family car? Their answer was hire someone one with a truck, so what’s that going to cost?

I can see now that people will stop cleaning up their yards, this will add to the fuel load for brush fires. So yes this is one of the “Battles” we should all be fighting, more costs for less services.

I’m a full time resident and am not looking forward to seeing all the cans left on the street after pick day by weekend renters and part timers or dodging them on a windy day.

Stan Galonski


Man who knew when you purchase a house in a town that you have to be a responsible adult and figure out your problems. Do we need to hold your hand when you go pee pee. Learn to swim or drown. Change is happening with or without you. Put your big boy pants on and figure it out


Well said and accurate! Completely agree

Chris Costlow

Very condescending. These cans will weigh up to 200 lbs. I'm sure the seniors and physically challenged are looking forward to this change.

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