If you find yourself wondering how November got here when it seems like we just finished watching the Fourth of July fireworks, you aren’t alone. Time marches on, and sometimes it seems it’s marching double time and we are all trying to play catch up.

Winter is a month away, at least the official start of winter. With any luck, and in hopes the snow dances are working, by the time you pick up this issue of the Big Bear Grizzly, there will be snow on the ground, even just a dusting. And let’s hope the promised cold weather accompanies this storm so the resorts can fire up their snowmaking operations and get the party started.

With the start of winter, it’s time to put our winter game faces on. The residents of Big Bear know this time is coming every year. We live in a resort community dependent on tourism. And no matter how heavy traffic becomes and how long the lines at the grocery stores, The Copper Q and the drive-thru at Starbucks, Big Bear needs to put out the welcome mat and keep it out all winter long.

Unless you were born here and are still a minor and don’t have a say in where you live, those who call Big Bear home knew when they purchased their house, their property or rented their cabin in the woods that tourism was part of the package. While we are a four-season resort, the winter and summer seasons bring the largest influx of tourists to the mountaintop. They want to experience and enjoy our little piece of paradise that we get to embrace every day.

As Big Bear residents, business owners, managers and staff, the Big Bear Grizzly encourages our fellow residents, business owners, managers and staff to pledge to make this winter the best it can be for you, your family and Big Bear’s guests. Take an extra moment to welcome the visitors to our home even when you would rather stay put. Find solutions to challenges and obstacles the influx of tourism may create rather than spending all your energy complaining.

Embrace winter, embrace snow, embrace our visitors with a warm welcome and a hearty hello.

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