You may have seen this on the news or read it in one of the Southern California dailies. Hundreds of small earthquakes in the Inland Empire the past week have rattled nerves a bit. You may have even felt a bit of a bump overnight June 3 — a 3.2 earthquake recorded three miles northwest of Cabazon.

Most of these recent quakes aren’t felt by us — ranging at magnitudes of 0.5 to less than 2. And they aren’t a cause of concern according to seismologists. Instead, consider these quakes as kind of a wake-up call or reminder to be prepared.

Living in a mountain community with limited ways off said mountain in times of disaster, being prepared is not only a smart choice, it could be a lifesaving choice. One of the first tips the experts offer is to create an emergency preparedness plan for the family. It includes a disaster supply kit, emergency checklist, emergency food storage and a plan that involves communication with family and neighbors.

These plans come in handy for a variety of emergencies — earthquake, fire, blizzard, floods and other storms. We encourage every household in Big Bear to create such a plan. Contact the Big Bear Fire Department for tips and information or do your research online. There are several websites — nonprofit and commercial — that provide information and products for the emergency plan and kit including products and forms —,, and just to name a few.

There is a lot you can do. Consider joining CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team. CERT teams aid emergency services personnel during disasters. For more information on Big Bear Valley CERT, visit

Don’t wait until the emergency is upon you before thinking about preparing yourself and your family. A good plan could make the difference.

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