Yes, it’s mid November, and no we haven’t seen any snow yet. In fact, we haven’t seen any precipitation for a couple of months at least. And yes, the community is thinking winter and holding its collective breath waiting for that first snowflake to fall from the sky.

Don’t turn blue and pass out. Maybe consider dancing instead. You know, those snow dances Big Bear is famous for. The kind that shows our rhythm and lures the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” into thinking they’ve found their next contestant.

OK, so maybe we aren’t ready for prime time when it comes to showing off our dance moves, but good or bad, with or without rhythm, we can as one do a heck of a snow dance.

What we shouldn’t do is panic just yet. The weather pattern and the gift of Mother Nature’s snowfall in late November or early December isn’t all that unusual. Last year, the resorts were making snow and ready to open at this time. But it was December before we saw much in the way of natural snow. And by February, we were tired of shoveling.

In 2017, natural snow was a no-show most of the winter, but the resorts were open thanks to cold, dry weather that allowed for snowmaking. And while it wasn’t the type of winter Big Bear planned, the Valley found ways to adapt, overcome and thrive.

We don’t have a crystal ball, and we don’t really know if the predictions of a drier than usual winter will pan out. Predicting the weather may be a science, but it’s also a roll of the dice. One tiny thing like a bird flying west instead of east could change the winter weather pattern.

What we do know, is that as a community, we should be prepared for whatever type of winter we may have. If Mother Nature brings plenty of snow, we need to be prepared to drive in it, shovel it, bundle up and welcome the influx of visitors here to enjoy it.

If Mother Nature provides less snow, but ideal snowmaking weather, be prepared to enjoy not having to shovel, bundling up because baby, it will be cold outside and still welcoming those visitors.

And if she is stingy and isn’t sure what she wants to provide to the little mountaintop town in terms of winter weather, look for alternatives to skiing, snowboarding and building a snowman. Mountain biking, hiking, shopping, concerts, ziplining, fishing, the skate park ... the list goes on and on. And yes, you can even dance at Wyatt’s, Whiskey Dave’s and several other venues in town.

Just dance.

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