On 12 June, my wife and I were traveling to Big Bear Lake for a short vacation with family. Our truck broke down on Highway 18 just a few miles from our destination.

With no assistance from AAA we called the local Big Bear Lake Fire Department. Chardell dispatched Assistant Fire Marshal Nick Bruinsma. He was a Godsend to us.

Upon assisting us we realized that our engine was not going to allow us to go anywhere. Nick was off duty at

5 p.m. and offered to tow our 5th wheel to our destination with his personal vehicle while, finally, AAA, towed our truck. He offered to tow us to our home in Agua Dulce, California, on his day off. Fortunately we had family that came and brought us home.

On 13 June, Nick stopped by to see how we were getting along. How many public servants are willing to go above and beyond for a couple in need of assistance?

Ironically, I was a seventh-grade teacher in Big Bear Lake in 1979 when Nick was in sixth grade at the time. I only wish that I had had him in my classroom.

Thank you, Nick, for blessing my wife and I in our time of need. We will always be praying for you in your retirement. We look forward to hopefully spending some down time with you in your retirement. Oh, don’t forget that I need some information from you so that I can set up a date to visit a friend of mine.

With our sincerest thanks for your kindness and generosity. You are the best!

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