Recently, my husband suffered an extremely serious medical emergency. Within minutes of the initial onset of pain, I realized he was going into shock and rushed him to emergency at Bear Valley Community Hospital where, fortunately, Dr. Chris Fagan was on duty. 

After going over his vitals and getting medical information from me, Dr. Fagan realized that no time could be wasted and ordered medical evacuation by helicopter to St. Mary’s Hospital in Apple Valley. In less than an hour and a half from entering the emergency room, the helicopter was there and transported him to St. Mary’s in 20 minutes. The emergency team there was ready, as was Larry’s vascular surgeon, Dr. William Suval. 

It was because of Dr. Fagan’s quick action that my husband, Larry, still has his left leg. Another hour and he would have had to have his leg amputated above the knee. The doctors at St Mary’s complimented Dr. Fagan and his staff for acting so quickly. That was 11 weeks ago, eight of them Larry was in the hospital. 

This letter is long overdue in giving our thanks to Dr.Fagan and nurses Brian and Tim for their excellent care for my husband. It’s going to be a long and tough recovery for Larry, as he is having to learn to walk without the ability to move his foot ... but, he has a great attitude and determination.

Some people criticize Bear Valley Community Hospital, but Larry and my mother, Shirley Moores, have been there on numerous occasions for emergencies and routine tests. We have found the staff couldn’t be more caring and professional. We are fortunate to have a facility of this caliber in Big Bear. Thank you being here for all of us.


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I would not criticize Bear Valley hospital but I would be worried if I had a major heart attack or stroke and it was in Winter and the ambulance would have to go slower in the snow. What if one needed major open heart surgery NOW....that could not be done since you would have to be airlifted off the mountain wasting precious time. One reason I am afraid to retire up there when I am older. Especially having a cabin not too close to Bear Valley hospital would make me worry. Not saying the staff or the hospital is bad...just does not do major surgeries or procedures and its hard to get to in heavy snow during a major emergency. Glad your husband was saved. Kudos to the doctor and nuruses.

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