As a homeowner for whom our second home in Big Bear City is an escape from the large metropolitan area, I think that allowing Bear Valley Electric Service to once again raise rates for electric service is totally unacceptable. 

BVES has a monopoly on service in the Valley and is taking advantage of the absence of competition. I think it ironic that my monthly bill for electricity after having spent one weekend per month in Big Bear is approximately one-third that of my Southern California Edison bill for electricity in Los Alamitos. 

The median income in Big Bear is about $33,000. Adding an unnecessary increase in energy costs to the residents of my “getaway” community is obscene. Please don’t let BVES line their pockets with ill-gotten and undeserved gains.


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I strongly agree, my electric bill for 1 week in my tiny mountain home is 50% MORE than three weeks in my Long Beach home where I have washers, dryers, dishwashers, TV's and electric radiant heat. I understand that maintaining the infrastructure has it's costs, but something is way out of line with the electrical rates in Big Bear. Proposing to increase them is obscene, especially in light of the constant disruptions to the service that we experence up there.

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