San Bernardino County Fire was formed by community leaders to increase resources and decrease the costs of fire service. Today, County Fire serves 70 communities with 48 stations, staffed with 683 firefighters. They have numerous regional resources to offer us that we currently don’t have.

County Fire could augment normal staffing and equipment during busy weekends and release them when not needed here.

The sky will not fall if Measure I fails. Big Bear Fire Authority can request a free proposal from the County, and they will find that all three stations can remain open and equipment/staff could be added within our current $16.5 million yearly budget.

My home is in Big Bear City, and we currently pay a $136 fire tax. Measure I will cause my fire tax to increase to $298, nearly twice what a similar homeowner will pay in Big Bear Lake. This new tax can be increased 5 percent every year forever.

I’ve lived here a long time, retired after 28 years with County Fire. Our Big Bear firefighters do a great job and would be offered employment with County Fire. We can update our emergency services without having the most expensive fire protection in the state.

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