When is a drainage ditch not a drainage ditch? Answer: when it’s choked with weeds and over 90 percent silted up.

The corner of Knight Avenue and Park Avenue in the city of Big Bear Lake is supposed to drain into the lake via a ditch from this corner, along Swim Beach Park and into the lake.

No question that a huge amount of water was dumped on our city in February, but could the flooding and subsequent property damage to our neighborhood have been at least partially mitigated by a properly maintained drainage ditch?

Especially given the low lake level and the fact that water flows downhill, the amount of flooding and property damage could, and should, have been far less.

Several times over the years we have requested the city to please periodically dig out this ditch. We were told that due to some Fish & Game regulation about fish wanting to swim up the ditch from the lake, this could not be done. Really?

We hope this was a wake-up call to our city council and staff to be more proactive in protecting our citizens’ safety and property.

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