I really like it when car clubs come to Big Bear. In talking to some Manx (dune buggy) members this past weekend, I mentioned this to two of the car owners. Their reply?

“We wish everyone felt that way.”

The short story is that when they pulled into their motel, the manager told them “we don’t have any space for you.” When told that they had a reservation at the lodge, the manager told them “you people don’t belong up here.” Not exactly the greeting they were expecting. They insisted upon him honoring the reservation; he complied.

Years ago, the Manx club had upwards of 250 members coming up here, perhaps leaving a quarter of a million dollars over a weekend in the Valley. I’m beginning to understand why there were far less than 100 this last weekend.

With businesses closing across the Valley, we really don’t need anyone telling visitors that they “don’t belong up here.”

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Joe Behar

WOW this is an unbelievable story except this story is a sequel that constantly repeats itself. My reaction to this Manager's rude behavior is one of puzzlement and shock . He of all people should know better to disrespect and take for granted visitors I.E the people that pay your salary, city taxes, especially because he works in the lodging / tourism industry. Big Bear has always been a Tourist Town, it's not a secret. Everyone that chose it to make it their permanent home knew this fact before they moved. I suggest if you dislike visitors / tourist you should move to a non-vacation destination town and definitely do not work in a job that deals with tourists. It is my impression the people that don't like tourist are the ones that don't belong in Big Bear. They need to take a good look in the mirror and move on!

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