In response to Mr. Norm Reinik and those who believe that annexation to the County Fire District would be a cheaper option for Big Bear than the proposed Measure I, consider this. It is very likely that if the Big Bear Fire Authority were to annex to the County Fire District, the County would make every effort to keep all the current revenue derived in the Valley (all property tax from both agencies and the CSD parcel tax). Plus the $157.26 FP-5 fee would be charged to every parcel, regardless of the size of the home or whether the property is commercial, vacant or ski resort property.

The county currently has no way to charge visitors who use fire and paramedic services; only property owners pay this FP-5 fee. Measure I, on the other hand, charges resident property owners $.06 per square foot for homes. Your home would have to be 2,621 square feet to pay more under Measure I than the County fee. There are also possible exemptions for very low income and disabled property owners.

Measure I also charges visitors by assessing the ski resorts a total of $750,000 per year and the lodges and private home rentals an additional charge of $78 per bedroom. These charges should be passed through to skiers and to those visitors who rent rooms. That is the most reasonable way to charge visitors.  

Your Fire Authority Board and staff believe Measure I is the best way to provide for much needed additional revenue and services, and to require visitors to pay their fair share.

Vote Yes on Measure I.

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