Yo brothers and sisters, belated congratulations to Bill Jahn for taking the responsibility of the mayor’s chair again in the city of Big Bear Lake. With Liz Harris leaving the chair with her touch of knowledge, charm and class for our hamlet in the sky and giving the city key to Bill, it’s strictly a win-win proposition.

Bill Jahn is a gift to our city. He has done more for the people and community projects in Big Bear without any trumpets or fanfare. Now our first lady will be pretty Mary Jo Jahn, current secretary for the board of directors of the Hospital Foundation, of which I am a member. They are one of the nicest community-minded couples in Big Bear, and it’s good to have Bill and Mary Jo back. Good luck, God Bless and smooth sailing for the years ahead. Loveya, Mary Jo. Stay tuned.

Can’t sleep? Try counting your blessings.

The young talent in Big Bear is amazing. Unfortunately we were out of town when high schooler Steven Ragsdale did his senior project and produced “Big Bear’s Got Talent.” But Ron Seymour was kind enough to give me a DVD, and I was pretty blown away. This took place at Community Church by the Lake and looked like a really fun evening. Besides some of the talented kids I already know like Delaney Warren and Zack Meyer, there were two who were new to me who were showstoppers. One was Brittany Delcoure, only 11 years old, who did a version of “Memories” with a voice way beyond her years. It’s a tough song, and she did a beautiful job. Then there was 15-year-old Alec Johnson, a guitar player who’s never had a lesson and has only played for about six months.  Alec and his drummer partner were good. We are so lucky to have these great kids in Big Bear and a community that supports their performance endeavors.

Miracles happen to those who believe in them.

Here’s a new one for all you live theater fans, God bless you. The Pasadena Playhouse is making a strong and fast comeback. It has added a brand new musical to its roster, “Twist,” based on the Charles Dickens classic “Oliver Twist.” It is set to open June 26. Debbie Allen, who directed and choreographed the world premiere in Atlanta, will return for the Pasadena version. The cast will be announced at a future date. Good luck and God Bless. I’ll have more on this. Stay tuned.

A sense of humor is common sense dancing.

Now for a real evening of fun, music, vocalists, jazz and pizza. Don’t miss Phil Hamilton’s Pizza and Pizzazz benefit for The Trails Foundation at Maggio’s in the Interlaken Center. The Pianoman Mike Cross and Emily Dunn will orchestrate the evening with some of the finest talent in the area: the always bright and engaging Nancy Walker with Elena Peavy and Kim Boda all doing vocals, Steve Cassling and Brian Adams, and an Italian night out with Ty Warren and John Grandi. So try your best to be at Maggio’s on March 8 from 5 p.m. ’til whatever for a little March Madness music and voices. Sound like fun? See ya there. Stay tuned.

My life has been a journey through a toyshop.

The downstairs dining room at Nottinghams is a real delight—warm, cozy, not too big, and a nice fireplace—one of the friendliest places in Big Bear with excellent service and a great menu. Charlie Brewster has really pushed all the right buttons. The upstairs is for large parties and noise with an excellent bar. Charlie came over while we were having dinner for a little conversation and we learned he and his lady are leaving for the Caribbean for a couple of weeks. The cute waitress in the picture with him is Michelle who, by the way, is leaving Big Bear to rejoin the Navy. So good luck on all the trips, a safe journey and return.  Loveya, Michelle. Stay tuned.

Age is only a number. Mine is unlisted.

Verse and worse. What’s hot and what’s not, and nonsense. We had a great theater night with Joe Perlow and Elaine Reynolds at the performance of “Pirates of Penzance” on stage at the McCallum in Palm Desert. It has an excellent cast and voices. I try not to make comparisons in live productions, but in this case I would have picked our Jessica Rae Brown for the lead (she sang the role at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center). The girl who sang the part was good, but Jessie was magic. 

Kudos to John and Barbara King for picking up the reins from Rich and Virginia Lambert and putting together the committee for the Big Bear Idol contest sponsored by the Rotary Club. I appreciate being asked to participate. It will take place at the PAC on Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. There will be no admission charge so come and see and hear some of the best voices and instrumentalists in our midst. It’s an enjoyable evening at the theater with goodies and coffee at intermission, all sponsored by the Big Bear Rotary Club. Seeya there. Stay tuned.

A hug is a perfect gift; one size fits all.

From the trades we received a press release on the Roy Rogers Museum, closed forever. The auction brought unbelievable prices. His 1964 Bonneville estimated at $100,000 sold for $254,500. Trigger’s saddle, estimated at $150,000, brought $386,500. Nellybelle, the old junker Jeep, sold for $116,500.  Roy’s boots, hats and shirts all brought more than they were estimated. A fantastic auction.

He was a favorite of the Leading Lady when she was a teenager. She used to dream about riding Trigger someday. Then 20 years later, shortly after we were married, we were at a crowded cocktail party in Westwood at Carlsberg Financial. Somebody bumped into Julie and spilled a drink down the back of her dress. Imagine her thrill when she turned around and discovered it was Roy Rogers who was apologizing and trying to help clean her dress. It’s the first time I ever remembered her being speechless. She had a picture of her and Roy in her office for years and a video collection of a bunch of his movies.

That’s all for now. Good luck, God bless, and see ya next time. Stay tuned.

Thought of the week: The simple truth is, happy people live longer.

Contact John Grandi at 909-585-6528 or by e-mail at johngrandi@charter.net.

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I wanted to thank you for the wonderful, kind words you spoke about Brittany Delcoure in her appearance on "Big Bear's Got Talent". I'm her Auntie, and our family is so proud of her! It was so nice of you to mention her in your column. Entertaining and singing is especially what she loves, and to here the kudos from a seasoned entertainer like you John, was just amazing. I wish they would show it on channel 6 because I didn't get to see it, as I was out of town. Or how could I get a copy of the DVD? By the way...she always brings down the house at the talent shows at Balwin Lane Elementary!!! Thanks again, Cheree Delcoure

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