It’s no secret I love horses. It’s also no secret I’m really busy. Finding the time and energy to enjoy my horses has been a challenge of late.

Last weekend I attended a reining show in Las Vegas. Some of you may have seen the TV show “The Last Cowboy.” It’s produced by Taylor Sheridan, one of the producers behind “Yellowstone,” with Kevin Costner.

“The Last Cowboy” chronicled a number of pro reiners who were invited to compete in The Run for a Million, the show I attended in Las Vegas. The finale was filmed and will air Aug. 28, so I won’t spoil it for you and tell you who won, just in case you haven’t heard.

So what does this have to do with me and my busy life and my horses? Watching these guys and gals on their horses, I realize that while I will never be at that level — nor do I want to be — I can improve my skills and enjoy my horses much more on a recreational level.

I know the pros devote their entire lives to the equestrian lifestyle. In this case, breeding, training and competing in reining events is their job. They are up at the crack of dawn and spend countless hours perfecting their craft. They have bumps and bruises, broken bones and artificial joints to show for it, along with considerable paychecks built up along the way. Not all are millionaires, but most are close to it or headed in that direction.

I also realize that my job is a publisher of a newspaper, and I’m up at the crack of dawn and spend countless hours perfecting my craft. I can’t always fit my hobby and my passion into the day. It would be no different if one of those pros was passionate about bike riding for example. There may not be enough hours in the day to trade four hooves for two wheels.

So how does one find the time? Make it I guess. I have between 3 and 4 a.m. available. I guess I could get up a little earlier, but it’s a little unsettling to ride my horse at 3:30 in the morning.

I know, I know. Make the time. Devote a day, an evening, one weekend day. I could list all the things that prevent me from doing so or I could take some advice I heard on a ranch in Texas when I was learning to ride. Clinton Anderson said, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

Not sure if the quote originated with Clinton, or he borrowed it. Doesn’t matter. I need to remember it before summer passes me by and I’ve found too many excuses instead of the ways to ride my horses.

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