1947: The top headline in the Feb. 14, 1947, issue of The Grizzly was “Primitive opening arouses national ire.” The story reported on a two-day hearing set to consider a proposed modification of San Gorgonio Primitive Area in the San Bernardino National Forest to “permit commercial exploitation as a hotel-resort and ski area.” Advocates of the proposal pointed out that San Gorgonio had the best potential ski slopes within 150 miles of Los Angeles.

   The Wilderness Society opposed the proposal, releasing a statement that read “When many of those living near San Gorgonio are demanding that it be kept primitive, and when present needs for skiing can be reasonably well met without the sacrifice, the national need for wilderness preservation should certainly prevail.”


   1975: The Grizzly reported in the Feb. 20, 1975, that “World ski greats to do their thing at Summit for $30,000 in prize money.” The Benson & Hedges Classic, part of the world pro ski circuit, was scheduled to take place Feb. 21-23 with top skiers including Hank Kashiwa, Henri Duvillard, Rudd Pyles and Jean-Noel Augert expected to compete. The Grizzly reported that event organizers were unsure if noted skier Jean-Claude Killy would participate as he was still recovering from surgery.


   2005: Big Bear Lake gained 8 inches after the last storm, according to a story in the Feb. 23, 2005, issue of the Big Bear Grizzly. The lake rose 10 feet between October and February because of stormy fall and winter seasons. More snow was predicted for Big Bear before the end of the month. Water officials were keeping their hopes high that the winter storms would help the drought conditions the Valley lived with for several years.

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