It took two years for McKenzie Wolf Tardibuono to claim royalty. The Big Bear resident won the 2019 Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest queen stein carrying contest Oct. 5 by spilling the least amount of water in the final round.

Tardibuono was one of four finalists in the championship round. Kim Krause, in her ninth attempt for the title, finished second. Megan Ollila was third and Alicia Nunez finished fourth.

Tardibuono and Krause each successfully carried 15 steins to force another round at 16 steins. Each glass stein weighs 5 pounds. Neither successfully carried 16 steins, although Tardibuono made it across the Convention Center floor before dropping one stein as she lowered the steins to the table. Krause was unable to lift 16 steins for the carry.

Tardibuono won in the tiebreaker, having spilled less water on her 15-stein carry than Krause. Krause was competing despite a calf injury suffered earlier in the week.

"I'm very proud of everyone I competed with," Tardibuono said. "It's only my second year, but I gave it everything I had. I'm in shock that I won. It's awesome."

Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest is Saturdays and Sundays through the month of October at the Convention Center at Big Bear Lake. There is also an extra date on Nov. 2. For more information and a complete schedule, visit

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