Big Bear High School students, with guidance from POTUS and Friends clubs, have done it again. The Big Bear teens and their supporters raised nearly $5,000 Sept. 11 for children from military families during their annual Thunderball volleyball fundraiser.

The money goes directly to the Seven Stars Foundation to help pay the way for children from military families to attend summer camp at Camp Whittle and other YMCA camps around the country. It costs $500 to send one child to a Seven Stars camp. Big Bear High School kids came close to raising enough for 10 campers.

Oh, and there was a volleyball match with bragging rights attached. Senior and sophomore boys competed against junior and freshman boys for the right to call themselves Thunderball champions.

The juniors and freshmen took the first game, but the seniors and sophomores tied the match in a see-saw battle.

Prior to the third and deciding game, the match was halted to show a video about the Seven Stars Foundation camp program. During the final game, students and parents distracted the top game official, Tina Fulmer, by handing her money for the cause. Or were they bribes?

In any case, the Thunderball volleyball — and calling it volleyball is up for debate — bragging rights went to the senior-sophomore team.

Final tally for the fundraiser as of Sept. 11 was $4,714. Joe and Laura Landaker, who are founders of the Seven Stars Foundation in honor of their son, Jared, who died while on duty as a Marine helicopter pilot in Iraq, accepted the donation. Laura thanked the students, telling them how proud she was of them for supporting the foundation.

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