Ultimate angler

August was good for Bob McGrew. He was the winner of the Big Bear Lake Fishing Association’s Ultimate Big Fish Derby.

McGrew won with a 2-pound, 15.2-ounce trout, narrowly edging Michael Olives, whose trout weighed in at 2 pounds, 15.0 ounces.

Jim McGrew finished third with a 2-pound, 7-ounce trout. Sailin was fourth with a 2-pound, 6.6-ounce trout and Herb Potter finished fifth with a trout weighing 2 pounds,

5.8 ounces.

The next Ultimate Big Fish Derby is

Sept. 14-16 at Pine Knot Marina. Fishing hours start at 6:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Weigh-ins are from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

each day. For more information, visit

www.bigbearfishingassociation.org or email info@bigbearfishingassociation.org.

Fall fishing tips from Steve

Steve Raphael, manager of Big Bear Sporting Goods, has a few tips and techniques about fall fishing in Big Bear Lake. Here’s a bit of what he sent to the Big Bear Grizzly.

“Fall on Big Bear Lake offers one of the best opportunities of the year for trout fishing, and those who take advantage of this season’s pre winter window can enjoy some exceptional fishing, comfortable temperatures and beautiful scenery,” Raphael said.

“Fall offers a reprieve to anglers in general, but especially to those land-locked shoreline anglers. The rainbow trout start to move toward the shallows to feed and prepare for winter and the spawn,” Raphael said. “Traditionally, the most productive fall baits tend to be those in bright color patterns. Rapala’s “Fire Tiger” and the YZuri Pin’s minnow in pink do well. The go-to spoons are copper, gold with a splash of red or orange highlights as found in Needlefish, Kast Masters and Thomas Bouyants.”

Raphael recommends shoreline anglers to try and fish near inlets where rain and snow water run-off occurs. “Dough Baits do best in colors such as chartreuse, rainbow and fluorescent orange,” he said.

Boats are allowed on Big Bear Lake until Nov. 30. Raphael said boaters on the troll should be 1 to 3 colors in depth with spoons hitting circuits on the south shore, Trout Alley, or running west from the West Public Launch Ramp near the dam, Raphael said.

Tournament TIME

Oct. 6-7: Big Bear TroutfesT, Western Outdoor News, Big Bear Marina, 500 Paine Court, Big Bear Lake. www.wonews.com.

Big fish

We know anglers love to talk about the ones that got away, but the Big Bear Grizzly wants to know about those big catches. Share your photo and story. Submit photos in JPEG format by email to kportie.grizzly@gmail.com or stop by the Grizzly office at 42007 Fox Farm Road in Big Bear Lake with your big fish during business hours, and we’ll take the photo for you.

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