USASA Halfpipe, Feb. 9, 2020

Mac Rogers was one of three snowboarders from New Zealand participating the USASA Halfpipe competition at Bear Mountain Feb. 9.

Young snowboarders saw their halfpipe dreams come true with an amateur competition at Bear Mountain Feb. 9. The USASA Southern California Series hosted two halfpipe competitions at the resort.

Big Bear snowboarders and freeskiers who participated in the event included Delilah Karrer and Savannah Karrer of Big Bear City, Evan Turner of Big Bear Lake and Ella Kearney of Big Bear Lake.

Winners in the competition included Gabriel Paskin of Marina Del Rey in the snowboard ruggie division, Scarlet Schmidt of Coronado and Jack Bingham of Redlands in the in the freeski ruggie division, Makenna Calehuff of Rancho Mission Viejo and Gavin Callahan of Yorba Linda in the snowboard grommet division, Joseph Nick of Irvine in the freeski grommet division, Kaylee Rose Tippit of Anaheim and Tetsuo Vu of Huntington Beach in the snowboard menehune division, and Madelynn Wharton of Wrightwood and Luca Christensen of Wrightwood in the freeski menehune division.

Maia Metzger of Riverside and Rocco Jamieson won the snowboard breaker division while Taylor Haering of Corona won the freeski breaker event. Youth division winners included Riley Rivera of Montclair and Renton Flicker of Wrightwood in the snowboard competition and Lucas Metzger in the freeski competition.

Jordyn Gricol of Apple Valley and Samuel Finnemore of Auckland, New Zealand, won the snowboard junior titles while Dillan Morgan of Pomona took home the freeski junior medal. Chen Qi of Tustin won the snowboard master title.

The USASA wraps the Southern California series Mary 1 with Boardercross and Skiercross races at Bear Mountain. For more information, visit

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