You’ve seen them around town the past week or so. Runners on the sidewalks in Big Bear Lake, on the trails in the San Bernardino National Forest and on the Alpine Pedal Path. It happens every year around this time. High school and college cross-country teams make the trip to Big Bear for a bit of high altitude training.

The Big Bear High School cross-country team already has the high altitude training thing down pat. What sets their workouts apart from the crowd is their weekly foray up The Wall at Snow Summit. It’s 1,200 feet of uphill running over the course of 1 mile.

It’s a tradition that began way back when Ryan Hall was a Big Bear High School runner, before he made his name as an Olympic marathoner. Big Bear head coach Jonathan Stiles has kept the tradition going for several years. And Stiles’ wife, Tamara, was instrumental in creating a unique 1-mile event — Ryan Hall’s Conquer the Wall — as an annual fundraiser for the cross-country program.

This will be the fifth year for the race. For more information or to register, visit

There have been plenty of quality runners coming out of the Big Bear High School program. Big Bear alumni running at the collegiate level include Haley Cabrera (UC-Riverside) and Caleb Webb (University of Portland). The call is out to all available alumni. The annual Bob Randle Alumni race is

July 31 at Pine Knot Campground at

6 p.m. See how you stack up against the 2019 Big Bear team.

Now, I can say for sure that I won’t be among those running in either the Conquer the Wall challenge (bad knees) or Alumni Race (didn’t go to Big Bear High School), but this is the chance for all you runners out there to support Big Bear High School cross-country.

Running isn’t the only recreational opportunity for Big Bear weekend warriors the next couple of weeks. The 10th anniversary of the Tour de Big Bear bicycle ride is just around the corner. As part of the celebration, there is a free glow ride on Thursday, Aug. 1, in addition to the main event on Aug. 3.

The latest is that the Tour de Big Bear is a sell out at all distances except the new 10K beginner and kids ride.

For more information, visit or

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