Big Bear doesn’t need to delve into fantasy to know its youth population includes many talented young athletes. Many go on to successful college and amateur careers after high school like Ryan Hall.

Young snowboarder Kolman LeCroy of Fawnskin recently finished 10th in the in the Youth Olympic Games in Lusanne, Switzerland. College track All-American Chyenne Kimble is getting ready to compete in her senior season of indoor and outdoor track for the University of Redlands. Aurora Huxman recently signed to compete in the sport of diving for UCLA.

Imagine how many more young athletes from Big Bear would be on the national scene with the proper facilities to nurture their talent.

The Bear Valley Unified School District’s board of trustees is considering the construction of a new sports facility at Big Bear High School. The sports field would consist of a football-soccer field with all-weather turf and an all-weather eight-lane track.

A sports field at the high school is imperative. Minder Field is outdated. It may not meet the standards to host future CIF playoff games.

Other school sports facilities are in need of improvement. The varsity baseball field doesn’t have a permanent outfield fence. The wrestling team works out in the cafeteria because a practice room was never built.

Big Bear High School track athletes work out on an uncompleted track, which is a muddy mess in winter and covered in weeds during the summer. There are no high jump or pole vault pits. Hurdlers work out in the parking lot.

Yes, building a new sports complex is expensive. But all one has to do is go around to the other schools in the Cross Valley League and see facilities in much better shape than what passes for facilities in Big Bear. Even the Lucerne Valley High School football field has lights.

It’s time to spend money on the high school’s sports facilities. It benefits not only the athletes, but all students who will use the facilities for physical education classes.

Here’s hoping the school district board of trustees are serious about committing to a worthwhile project.

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