This is the time of year that is most challenging for the Big Bear Grizzly in terms of sports coverage. Recreational sporting events are still on the schedule. High school fall sports schedules add to what becomes a crowded calendar. It’s a juggling game of coverage, phone call follow-ups and decisions on where to file the stories.

The Grizzly team has utilized the website more and more as space constraints in print pose a challenge. We utilize social media — Twitter, Instagram and Facebook — for game time updates and immediate coverage. Events are followed up with stories and photos online at

The Big Bear Grizzly will be used more for feature stories as well as the latest news in the Big Bear sporting world. And now we have Grizzly email newsletters with daily news and information that go straight to your in-box. Sign up for these free newsletters online at

In the ever-changing information highway, the Big Bear Grizzly wants to reach you with sports information in a variety of ways so that whichever tool you use to get your news, we have it there for you.

As a mostly one-person sports staff, of course I can’t be everywhere. On some occasions, with advance notice, The Grizzly may be able to cover more than one event at the same time by assigning coverage to someone else on staff, if they are available.

An example is this past Saturday when it was football photo day and an intrasquad scrimmage at Minder Field, as well as the Conquer the Wall 1-mile race. This weekend there is another high school football scrimmage taking place while the Kodiak Ultra Marathon is on the trails around Big Bear Valley.

We rely on readers, Big Bear sporting event organizers and coaches to help us get the news out on their teams and/or events. If you have a sporting event or accomplishment to share, let us know about it. You can email or call 909-316-6817.

Living where we do, sports and recreation are major aspects of the Big Bear lifestyle. The Grizzly will continue to cover the people and the events that reflect the Big Bear sporting life.

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