Big Bear’s tenuous hold on a share of first place in the Cross Valley League girls soccer standings will be challenged the final three weeks of the regular season. All five schools in the CVL are whispers away from the title after the first round of league play.

“These next couple of weeks are going to say a lot about this league,” said Big Bear head coach Lisa Griffiths.

The Lady Bears earned that share of the lead by virtue of four ties in four CVL games. Big Bear rallied to tie Riverside Prep 2-2 on Jan. 15 then did the same against CIMS on Jan. 17 for a 1-1 draw. Big Bear junior Yesika Gonzalez scored all three goals for the Lady Bears, who improved to 7-2-8 overall and 0-0-4 in CVL play.

Gonzalez, who leads the league with 17 goals, has faced mounting pressure from other teams defensively. “They’ve been double-teaming and triple-teaming her,” Griffiths said. “She’s still keeping us in the games.”

CVL soccer standings are based on a points system rather than win-loss record. Teams are awarded three points for a win and one point for a tie. The Academy for Academic Excellence (7-5-3, 1-0-1) tops the league with four points and the only win in league play. Big Bear received its four points on the basis of four ties.

Riverside Prep (3-4-5, 0-0-3) is in third place with three points followed by University Prep (9-5-3, 0-0-2) and CIMS (2-2-2, 0-1-2) with two points each.

The logjam in the CVL standings makes Big Bear’s game at home AAE on Friday, Jan. 24, all the more important. The two teams tied 1-1 in the first meeting in Apple Valley on Jan. 8.

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