Get ready for garage sale season

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the start of garage sale season in Big Bear. It's a big deal. Sellers and buyers wait patiently for the three-day weekend.

For many people, the stay-at-home order led to early spring cleaning, and garages were filled with potential garage sale items. But the stay-at-home also threatened the garage sale season. Good news, those planning garage and yard sales can proceed.

Governor Gavin Newsom modified the order to allow for outdoor open gallery spaces, museums and similar operations and curbside pick-up. The city of Big Bear Lake interprets that to allow for garage and yard sales, according to City Manager Frank Rush. So, plan your sale, don't forget to get your free permit from the city and advertise the sale in The Grizzly.

City, county push for variance with state

The city of Big Bear Lake and San Bernardino County leaders sent letters to Governor Gavin Newsom along with re-opening plans. Both agencies are asking for the flexibility to make local decisions in re-opening businesses to improve the economy after a two-month closure due to COVID-19.

At a special meeting held May 13, the county Board of Supervisors announced it also joined with Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties in submitting a letter to the governor asking for more flexibility in meeting the benchmarks set out for variances.

Supervisor Robert Lovingood pushed for meeting with the governor via conference call sooner rather than later. He noted that one of the two counties provided variance, El Dorado County, surrounds Lake Tahoe. "We've crushed and we continue to crush small business," Lovingood said. He said he doesn't see the difference in begin able to go into a grocery store but not being able to shop at a small, independent stores.

The supervisors approved sending the recovery plan to the governor, looking for gray areas. The county's COVID-19 compliance plan will be executed to provide assistance to local businesses. A long-term staffing plan for the county will be developed as it relates to the corornavirus and fixed testing sites in each county district will be established.

Big Bear businesses take to the streets

Armed with posters, business owners and supporters stood along Big Bear Boulevard in Big Bear Lake seeking support for getting businesses open. Follet's Pilates and Barre Studio and Summit Real Estate were two spots were owners and supporters gathered.

Case numbers adjusted for Big Bear

For the second time since data has been collected regarding positive COVID-19 cases, Big Bear cases dropped. Big Bear now reports nine cases, which was at 10 as of Monday.

There are now three reported cases in Big Bear City, which includes all the unincorporated areas of the Valley, and six in the city of Big Bear Lake. No deaths have been reported in Big Bear.

Confirmed cases continue to rise in San Bernardino County as testing increases. Hospitalizations and ICU hospitalizations remain steady.

No car show this year

The Big Bear Antique Car Club announced it will not hold the annual Fun Run car show in August this year. It is the latest in a number of events canceled, postponed or rescheduled in Big Bear due to the coronavirus.

Rick Bates, who coordinates events for the city of Big Bear Lake, said it's like a chess game right now with event planning for Big Bear.

Make some noise

Big Bear Connected hosts the Joyful Noise Parade to honor Big Bear's heroes. Those heroes include the essential workers who have kept Big Bear safe and supplied during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Joyful Noise Parade is set for Sunday, May 17 beginning at 3 p.m. Read how you can participate here.

Moth season

Big Bear residents are finding themselves battling a different enemy these days: the brown moth.

It appears the brown moths are invading homes causing people to get creative and search for ways to send the moths packing. Moth traps are supposed to be effective, but this reporter can attest that they have been worthless. Soapy buckets of water with lights shining on them are working for some.

We've heard people turning to essential oils, lavender being something moths apparently don't like. Cedar is also a deterrent, so we've heard. A call by this reporter to Home Defenders learned that the moth infestation usually lasts two weeks to a month, and while spraying the outside of the house can help, it's not guaranteed to send the brown invaders packing.

This reporter has found a fire in the wood stove these past couple of nights as temperatures drop have kept the moths at bay, but as temperatures warm up, that might not be an option.

Anyone who has an approach that is successful is asked to share.

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