The call went out via social media to support a protest of sorts in Big Bear Lake. Business owner Tina Follett put up a sign she is losing her business and wants the city, state and anyone else listening to know she supports opening the city and letting businesses resume operations.

Tina, who owns Follet’s Pilates and Barre Studio on Big Bear Boulevard, and her husband, Pat, were joined by a handful of supporters with signs. Others gathered down the street at Summit Real Estate.

The city of Big Bear Lake unanimously approved a reopening plan on May 11, but is waiting for flexibility and permission from California governor Gavin Newsom before implementing the plan, which would allow Follet to re-open at 50 percent capacity. Real estate offices have been allowed to continue operations with some modifications as an essential business since the stay at home order was issued.

San Bernardino County’s board of supervisors met May 13 to discuss its Readiness and Recovery Plan, which will be sent to Newsom by tomorrow. A coalition of four counties — San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and San Diego — are joining forces to send a letter to the governor regarding the criteria to meet variances being too restrictive and impossible.

Fitness centers and gyms are on the governor’s Stage 3 businesses that can reopen, along with hair and nail salons. The city of Big Bear Lake doesn’t distinguish between types of businesses in its plan, but focuses on behavior. Certain guidelines such as face coverings, sanitizing stations at the door, sanitizing practices within the operations and social distancing, along with the 50 percent capacity would be required.

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