Effective June 18, anyone in California must wear a face covering in public especially in high risk situations. Most requirements are for indoors, but also include outdoor spaces when 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained.

The order includes indoor public spaces or in line to enter buildings, waiting for or using public transportation, at work when interacting with the public or in a workspace visited by the public even if the public is not present at the time. This would include retail stores and restaurants.

Anyone working in the food service industry, whether preparation or packaging, and serving must wear face coverings. The coverings are required when working or walking in common areas such as hallways and elevators or parking facilities and any enclosed area except with members of one’s own household.

Face coverings are required in outdoor spaces when maintaining physical distance is not feasible.

There are exceptions for children under 2 and those with medical conditions.

Newsome did not say how the order would be enforced. In May, the Big Bear Lake City Council said it would not enforce the governor’s stay at home order as the city was opening businesses. Days later, the county was granted a variance to begin reopening, and the city falls under the county rules and regulations.

On June 16, the Big Bear Lake City Council discussed face coverings and possibly making them mandatory within the city limits. A special meeting was tentatively scheduled for June 22 to consider the face covering issue, but has since been canceled. City manager Frank Rush has not yet returning a call asking for comment and clarification.

This story will be updated when more information is available.

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