When the Rathbun Corridor Sustainability Plan was adopted by the city of Big Bear Lake in 2013, one of the first items on the long-term project was the development of the Rathbun Creek Trail.

On April 17, Phase 1B began with the installation of the first of two pedestrian bridges. Phase 1B includes the segment of the trail from the trout ponds to Big Bear Boulevard. City assistant engineer Israel Gomez oversaw the installation of the bridge, which is located on the trail behind the Best Western Big Bear Chateau. It is the smaller of the two bridges in this section and is 30 feet long. A longer, 50-foot bridge will be installed. Gomez said no date has been set. “We are working with San Bernardino County Flood Control District to acquire a portion of their parcel next to Big Bear Boulevard (for the bridge),” Gomez said.

Phase 1 began in 2017 focusing on the portion of the trail between Elm Street and Big Bear Boulevard. Phase 1A of the Rathbun Creek Trail project included a segment between the trout ponds to Elm Street. A bridge was installed over the creek near Elm Street. This section of trail was completed in 2017.

The Rathbun Creek Trail was developed to encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation up to and through the Moonridge business corridor. The project is being phased in as an improved creekside trail with picnic areas and multi-use facilities along the creek. When completed, the Rathbun Creek Trail will extend from the shore of Big Bear Lake to the San Bernardino National Forest.

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