Family gatherings. As much as you are craving that connection it’s safer to keep the connection virtual for now.

According to data collected by San Bernardino County, within the last 28 days 71 percent of those infected with COVID-19 told a contact tracer they had attending a family gathering in the last 14 days. That’s 228 people out of 319 who attended a gathering.

Three percent of those infected in the past 28 days had attended a religious service and 3 percent attended a protest within the previous 14 days.

San Bernardino County has 23,566 cumulative positive COVID-19 cases, with 13,609 projected to have recovered.

In Big Bear, the number of positive cases has risen to 41 as of July 18. Nine days ago there were 20 cases in Big Bear Valley. And on June 16 there were 11 cases.

The city of Big Bear Lake has 22 positive cases, Big Bear City 14 and Sugarloaf has five cases. Fawnskin has zero.

The positivity rate in San Bernardino County is 11.7 percent. The seven day average positivity rate is at 21.4 percent. The average on July 1 was at 7.9 percent.

Hospitalizations are down slightly with 589 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized and 67 suspected patients hospitalized. There are 77 surge capacity beds in use. ICU numbers are up, with 176 COVID-19 patients in ICU and six suspected patients in ICU. Ventilator use is up 10.6 percent from July 17.

While gatherings are still prohibited under the existing stay-at-home order, Big Bear is busier than ever, with more visitors flocking to the mountains than past summers. Weekends resemble a July 4 holiday with traffic backed up on Big Bear Boulevard and other main arteries. Stanfield Cutoff is parked bumper to bumper on both sides as is North Shore Drive. Visitors are lining the shoreline along Big Bear Lake and spending time on the water in boats. They are hiking and biking the trails, shopping in the Village and dining in Big Bear’s outdoor restaurants. There are plenty of gatherings occurring in Big Bear this summer.

Masks are required, as are physical distancing and hand washing.

The data shows that 52.2 percent of the confirmed COVID-19 cases in San Bernardino County are between the ages of 20 and 39 and 24.4 percent are between 10 and 19 years old. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions remain the most venerable and at risk of death if they contract COVID-19.

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Should have never opened Big Bear up we have a population of people that love here full time that probably wouldn’t make it if exposed to Covid. You selfish people out there that aren’t thinking of anything but making money should be ashamed of yourselves allowing all these people up here so you can make a couple bucks...


We should have never opened up our town. An email from the city told me they dont think it is necessary to close rentals yet. As numbers rise, more pressure from us residents needs to be put on them. I have never, in the years I have lived her, seen our town inyndated with this many tourists. We cannot go out or shop for food. This is ridiculous.l


Past time, shut it down. You think real estate will continue to be hot, think again if the cases continue to increase.


Let's not forget, "We're not following the Governor's orders." BBL, which by proxy makes the decisions for the whole valley, has ONE goal and that's separating visitors from their money. They just don't care about anything else. Not sure about others but I'm not even seeing a midweek break with visitors. And what's been happening on the weekends is unsustainable. Throw in the constant reports of illegal fires and we're sitting ducks. The leadership in this area is an absolute joke with locals far down the list of importance. Something's going to blow and I REALLY hope people know where to point the finger when it does.


I have to’s time to find a way to intermittently limit visitors. I feel for all the businesses and rentals. We made it through the initial onset with very little incidents in our valley. Now, we’re about to become inundated!! The worst part is all the cavalier attitudes!! People we have no clue what the long term affects of COVID-19 will be. We do however know that it manages to damage an insane percentages of the body.


I wish us permanent residents could mandate a 14-day “resort” shut down-like a Covid reset-time to literally catch our breath.


Is the 11% tax that the city of Big Bear Lake makes on the vacation rentals worth our lives? Shut down the rentals!

If you wish to stay home, do! The rest of us will live our lives. Do the math, death rate less than flu! Way less! Stop your wining. If you do not want to leave your house, stay in and stop complaining that the rest of us are out and about and living our lives!

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