One week before the expected influx of holiday visitors arrive in Big Bear Valley, an unwanted visitor popped up on Big Bear Lake. The annual algae bloom turned the water a greenish hue near the dam and along several spots of the shoreline including Stanfield Cutoff June 27.

The Big Bear Municipal Water District, which oversees recreation and safety on Big Bear Lake, tested the algae and determined that it is not the toxic cyanobacteria that appeared in spots along the North Shore last summer. It is a nontoxic variety of algae, according to Mike Stephenson, MWD general manager.

The strong winds broke up the algae bloom early in the week, Stephenson said. But the algae is still there, just not visible on the surface as of

June 29.

“We’re going to get some algae in the summer,” Stephenson said. “We run samples twice a week, doing some preventative stuff. If we find toxic algae, we will post signs.”

The California Water Resources Control Board monitors toxic algae blooms throughout the state and provides a map with the latest testing information by the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program. Big Bear Lake is not on the current list for toxic algae. Silverwood Lake was tested June 26 and no advisories were issued for that lake.

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